My name is Chuck Carter and I live in the Upstate of South Carolina with my husband of 20+ years and our two amazing kids. My family is my passion and you'll almost always find me spending time with (or talking about) them. They are a blessing and a gift. Life is too short to take that for granted.

For years, I have heard heartbreaking news stories of kids being injured or killed by being left in vehicles. I felt so helpless about it, until I had an idea. So much helpful information exists on the internet already. What if I gathered some of this information and related resources into one easy-to-use site (I used to design software for many years) and then used my marketing skills (I'm currently a Real Estate Professional) to promote that site? If I could reach enough people, perhaps working together, we COULD raise awareness and prevent these tragedies!

This website is the culmination of that idea. I have visited countless sites to gather the most relevant, helpful information that I could find. Some sites I visited and referenced were federal, state and local government sites. Others were organizations committed to child safety. Some were even from other countries.

I have tried to be diligent in citing each source I've used. This is important to me because: 1) The author should receive credit for their work; 2) You should know where the information comes from. If I have overlooked a citation or failed to provide credit to an author, it was a pure oversight and in no way intentional.