Preventing Tragedy

Prevention is the key to eliminating these tragedies. There are a myriad of options to choose from to help avoid leaving a child in a car.

  • NEVER purposefully leave a child unattended in a vehicle for any reason.

  • When someone else is driving your child to a destination, always check to make sure your child made it safely.

  • When placing your child in the vehicle, place an item you'll need later in the back seat, such as...

    • Purse, briefcase or wallet

    • Cellphone

    • Car keys

    • Your left shoe!

  • Place a visual reminder in plain sight in or on your vehicle.

  • To avoid children accidentally locking themselves in an unattended vehicle...

    • Talk to your kids about the dangers and let them know it's never ok to play in an unattended vehicle.

    • Lock all doors and trunks when a vehicle is not in use.

  • When it comes to childcare...

    • If you're dropping off the kids, but your spouse usually does so, ask him/her to call you to make sure drop off occurred.

    • Ask your child care provider to call you if your child isn't dropped off as expected.